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Lisa Deleeuw

اسماء مستعارة: Lisa DeLeeue, Lisa Leeua, Lisa De Leewu, Lisa DeLeuew, Lil' Redhead, Lisa Seagrave, Miss 52, Fiona Wilson

بلد: United States

ولد: 1958-07-03

عين: Brown

شعر: Red

ارتفاع: 165 cm

وزن: 60 kg

الثدي: Natural

المشاهدات: 1.9K

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De Leeuw reportedly had died from AIDS in 1993 as the IMDB and numerous other sources claim. It has been alleged in numerous sources that she possibly had been infected with the disease by porn star John Holmes. However, the last time she had worked with Holmes was in 1981, and it is believed that he did not contract the disease until the mid 1980s. This claim would have made her the first reported female porn star from porn's golden age period (from about the mid 1970s to the mid/late 1980s) to die from the disease.
XRCO Award in 1981 for the movie Amanda By Night.
XRCO Award in 1982 for the movie Blonde Heat.
AVN Award in 1985 for the movie Dixie Ray, Hollywood Star.
AVN Award in 1986 for the movie Raw Talent

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